B&W Pitch Boards Set Design

Pitch Boards for an Awards Show

Even infomercials have a standard of excellence, and here are some pitch boards I did for a client who was bidding to produce the Diamond Awards, where they hand out awards to nominees like Snuggie and P90X.  They were necessarily drawn larger than typical storyboards and maybe more detail.  I’ll discuss the vague differences between pitch boards and story boards in a later post.  Really quick though:  Pitch boards are large, detailed, usually fewer in number, use looser storytelling, convey a sense of mood an atmosphere, generally show set and production design, don’t follow a specific script, and can be included in a treatment.

Another brilliant drawing...

This is a good example of the variety of subject matter that you draw in the field of commercial storyboarding.  The client needed to show a classy setting, with a bit of glamour and a good amount of humor as well.  I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.  I find suits hard to draw because of the low tolerances for ‘fit’ and the subtleties of style, also because they must look impeccable.  Looking back, I can see a few suits that aren’t fitting right.  I’m not accustomed to wearing them so these errors aren’t apparent to me, but usually my girlfriend is great at seeing these flaws and pointing them out before I finish.  Gowns and dresses and women’s clothing in general are a little more forgiving.  Again, my girlfriend is always ready to chime in if they look wrong- I admit I’m not the most stylish person.

I’m particularly proud of the loose but effective set design and and interior sketching.


By maxforward

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator