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McDonalds Tuscan Salad


So this is a storyboard that was fun to work on.  This production company uses a lot of new visual effects in their storytelling, and in this case, they used a projector to display the images of Tuscany on the walls.  Not looking for realism, it’s a very whimsical approach and it works well.  Here, a cute young woman enjoys a bite of her McDonalds Tuscan Salad and  envisions herself in Tuscany, on a voyage of joy and liberation. It’s always fun to draw cute girls.

I also love Italy and Tuscany in particular, and have been there more than a few times.  So I was, in this case, able to draw from personal experience, and I hope that came through a little bit in the background details and other nuances of the landscape.  It’s very important for a storyboard artist to find every bit of inspiration he can.

And this is the final commercial, via link to the production company’s website:

McDonalds- Tuscany


By maxforward

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator