Typical Storyboard Artist… Not

Awesome! WordPress now lets me Write on my iPhone with the screen sideways.

So, in this pic you can see my storyboarding rig. That’s an old ciniq 20wsx that I draw on. Had it for about 4 years. Not without it’s flaws, but I draw on it everyday, and despite it’s size, haul it to every job I get. These aren’t common in my circles, and it really makes an impression on clients when you show up with a bunch of techno gadgets. Not pictured here is my MacBook pro, which is pretty fast especially after I upgraded the ram and stuff a nifty new solid state drive in it. Being a former Mac repairman comes in handy sometimes. Anyway, the MacBook pro works beautifully with the cintiq. Sometimes people ask me if the cintiq lags. It doesn’t lag. It has other flaws, but lagging behind pen strokes is a software issue, not hardware.

My usual setup...

You might notice the strips of black Velcro around the perimeter of the screen. I use Velcro on all my tiny digital devices that get misplaced, like my stylus, or flash drives, or my dongles. My iphone too. I’m a messy guy so this is my organizational system. Lol.

More than obvious is my giant exercise ball/chair. My old chair was falling apart and my back was a-hurtin. Yoga helped quite a bit but the chair was still my enemy. One day I was working onsite and I noticed they were using newfangled exercise balls as chairs. Improved posture and core strength supposedly. I tried it out and liked it a lot, so, even though it looks goofy, I sit on a ball now, and love it. Cost a lot less than a new chair, too.

That’s my rig. A little bizarre, I think, compared to what might be considered typical. I’ll elaborate further on my tools and specific programs I use in a later post.


By maxforward

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator