Toy Story 3 Playset

Here’s a few color storyboards/concept boards I did for the Toy Story 3 toys. They show the playset from a variety of angles and basically showcase the toy’s features and accessories.  They gave me the actual toys to use as reference so as to make sure even thing was as accurate as possible.  Toy commercials are always very secretive because of the intense competitive industry pressures.  So although I do a lot of toy commercials, most involve signing me NDAs, and as such I can’t post them here without permission.  These boards were done two years ago, and Toy Story 3 has come and gone in the theaters, so I’m finally comfortable with showcasing them here.  These images are very high resolution, so you can click on them and see all the details, or just click through.  They might take a few seconds to load,..

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By maxforward

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator